Endura’s 1 Million Trees Pledge

As a company that operates on a global level, we’re very aware of our environmental impact and are working on a number of fronts to reduce our footprint. In addition to the steps we’ve already taken, we’re also working on more innovative new projects and we’ll be sharing news of these with you over coming months.

Research consistently shows that forest restoration is one of the best solution to de-carbonise the atmosphere we have available today, but as trees take decades to mature, and the need is pressing, the time to act is now. From 2020 onwards, Endura commit to planting one million trees annually to help reduce the quantity of carbon in the atmosphere.

Trees are not all equal; they need to be the right type of tree and planted in the right environment. Forests in boreal regions typically cover much smaller areas than those in the tropics, so for our first project we have chosen to restore mangroves in the Maputo Bay region of Mozambique. The region was once covered by huge mangrove forests and estuaries, but these have been decimated by human activity over recent decades. Endura will work with local communities to restore, replant and protect these vital forest systems, providing important habitats for threatened species of birds and mammals as well as providing local employment. In addition, we are also working on a project closer to home which will see us plant native species of trees in our Scottish homeland.

Our 1 Million Tree pledge is just one of the ways that we’re looking to play our part. Producing products in a way that has minimal impact on the planet and the future for generations to come is critically important for both us and our parent company Pentland Brands. We have made a number of significant steps in the right direction but we recognise the need to do more. We also believe strongly in the ‘substance of sustainability’ and will not make a PR story out of an ‘eco gimmick’. We’re committed to honestly reducing our global environmental footprint throughout the chain from source to end-of-life solutions.



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