We really want you to use and enjoy your Endura cycle helmet. If you are unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident that has caused any impact to your Endura helmet (any model) we offer a crash replacement service* to reduce the price of replacing your helmet with the same model (or nearest model if the model crashed is no longer available**). These helmets are provided at 50% off the listed price on endurasport.com at the time of replacement.In order to use the scheme it is required:

That you are able to send Endura Ltd the damaged helmet or provide photographs, and provide a receipt or order confirmation email to establish that the helmet was purchased directly from Endura or from an Endura Authorised Dealer, within the European Union.

That the date of purchase was not more than 3 years prior to the date of submission for a replacement helmet via the scheme.

That you are able to provide details of the incident that caused the damage to the helmet. Please describe the date of the accident, where it took place and what you impacted.

The scheme is intended to cover helmets which have had any aspect of their safety integrity compromised by a crash whilst cycling. Where there has been a lack of care or abuse of the helmet, e.g. driving over the helmet or leaving helmet next to a fire etc. the helmet will not be eligible for replacement under the scheme.


Please contact the Crash Replacement Team at:

Tel: +44 (0)1506 497749

Fax:+44 (0)1506 497750

email: helmetcrash@endura.co.uk

Damaged helmets, proof of purchase from an Endura Authorised Dealer and a letter of explanation, should be sent to:

Crash Replacement Team

Endura Ltd

3 Starlaw Park


West Lothian

EH54 8SF

United Kingdom

If you are located outside of the UK please email helmetcrash@endura.co.uk advising your location in Europe and we will provide you with the best local address to send the package to.

Please provide a contact email address and preferably also a telephone number.

We will contact you to confirm if the request is approved and, if so, make arrangements to swap it for a replacement helmet for you at 50% off the current listed price plus cost of courier service.

This service may be altered or varied at Endura’s sole discretion and Endura reserves the right to reject any claims under the helmet replacement service.

If for any reason the request is refused we will provide you with an explanation for that decision and will return your original helmet to you should you wish for it to be returned.

* Only available within the EU