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Heads. Quite important things really. Without them we wouldn’t even be around. We certainly value them, which is why we not only apply all of our own engineering knowledge to them, but we also bring in key expert partners to make our helmets some of the very best out there. For 99.9% of the time, they just need to look great, be comfortable and offer great ventilation. 

For the other 0.01% of the time, the helmet needs to provide the best possible protection it can and here we can offer up the triple whammy of Endura x Mips x Koroyd in our new MT500 Helmet. The latest version of the SingleTrack Helmet incorporates Koroyd and a comes in Mips version too. The brand new Hummvee Plus Helmet is also available in a Mips version. For riders looking for a road helmet, we’ve also introduced a Mips option to our road and gravel line-up for the first time with the redesigned FS260-Pro Helmet.

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MT500 Helmet with MIPS

Having looked after the head of MTB legend Danny MacAskill (and thousands of other mere mortals) the original MT500 is a hard act to follow but the 2022 update will not disappoint. Building on the success of its predecessor the model provides increased coverage and the addition of MIPS technology makes it safer than ever. The full Koroyd core delivers unrivalled impact absorption and keeps the weight low and large vents keep your head cool when things heat up. The MT500 Helmet comes with both MIPS and Koroyd technologies, with a fit system fully integrated into the MIPS layer.

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FS260-Pro Helmet with MIPS

The FS260-Pro Helmet has received a striking update which has transformed it into a contemporary roadie and gravel classic. The focus is still on light weight and venting, introducing the option of a Mips layer.. Colours tie in with Endura’s bestselling road products for this season, with upper shells staying neutral, highlighted by brighter lower shells on some options.

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