Meet the Awesome New Pro SL 3-Season Jacket

It’s 6.33am. You check the weather app, meh, it’s another typically interchangeable Autumn/Winter/Spring (delete as applicable) day – super cold early on, a bit warmer in the middle, a 40% chance of shower and then getting cold again later on.

We’ve all been here. Too many times. And we all know that whatever jacket we pick is going to be the wrong choice. Grab the tissue thin jacket and you’ll be crying with cold at the start of the ride, during the café stop, hanging around for a mechanical or during the 40%, which quickly became 100%, chance of a shower. Go for the heavy winter insulation jacket on the other hand though, and you’ll be doing your best impression of a boil-in-the-bag cod, sweating on the inside and generally hating life once you get your engine going.

We knew that this was a problem that needed solving and Marcel Kittel knew it too, so we worked together to fix it for good.

With a goal of creating the ultimate Autumn/ Winter/ Spring #HardcoreRoadie jacket, the Pro SL 3-Season Jacket is born. Not only will this jacket make your kit choice a lot easier, it will also do a brilliant job in an incredible wide range of temperatures and conditions, keeping your superpowers going all day long. It is designed to keep you warm on those chilly mornings and fast descents, while its excellent breathability and large ventilation zips prevent you from overheating when your engine is working hard on those steep climbs. Waterproof, warm, yet breathable and not too heavy – German ex-pro sprinter and powerhouse Marcel Kittel himself was involved in the development of the Pro SL 3-Season, and his vast racing and road cycling experience has trickled into this garment.

The outer shell deploys a mix of high stretch, waterproof membrane fabrics and incorporates a unique venting system, offering adaptable cooling to key areas of the upper body. A separate vest is constructed from PrimaLoft’s new Evolve fabric in strategically positioned panels, providing lightweight insulation in lower temperatures.

The full body venting system features two large 2-way zipped chest vents, zipped wrist vents and a special superpower feature: an exhaust vent at the rear – imagine the cooling system of a powerful engine with heat billowing out of the exhaust.

The jacket is cut in an athletic fit with a high cut, shaped collar for extra warmth and comfort. The triple rear pocket system with zipped security pocket and zipped chest pocket store away all your cycling essentials. Subtle reflective details increase your visibility in low light conditions. Available in our bright, but not hi-vis Pumpkin or a classic black is the new Black.

Eliminate the fear of the varied conditions often experienced on long winter training rides, get out of the house and ride all year long.



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