How We Protect Our Riders

Protection. It’s in our DNA. We work with the world’s best MTBer across a number of different riding disciplines – World Champion downhillers, Enduro World Series challengers, Alpine adventurers and the envelop pushing trail rippers. They might all approach the mountains from different angles, but their protection needs are the same – innovative design for ultimate protection. As a result, we’ve raised our protection game in recent years to give them the world class protection from the slams that are inevitable when riding on the edge of what’s possible.

MT500 Pads that are #AthertonApproved

We’ve worked closely with the first family of DH – Dan, Gee and Rachel Atherton – using their incredible knowledge of what works (and what doesn’t) to develop and refine our range of protectors and protective garments using advanced materials to create World Cup level protection that carries the #AthertonApproved stamp.

The MT500 Hard Shell and MT500 Lite Knee Pads are designed for times when the trails get steep, the trees get that little bit closer and the rocks pointier. The Hard Shell version provides the highest level of fully certified protection for peace of mind in the most extreme situations whilst the Lites use D3O’s most advanced and highly breathable insert whose highly vented geometry increases the insert’s breathability by 45% whilst retaining EN1621-1:2012 level 1 certification.

We chose D3O for their use of proprietary technologies to make rate-sensitive, soft, flexible materials with high shock absorbing properties. D3O’s core technology applies non-Newtonian principles to materials which are engineered for shock absorption – these stiffen on impact to dissipate impact energy and reduce transmitted force, before returning to their flexible state for riding comfort.

MT500 Full Face Helmet

Endura continue to disrupt the helmet market with the MT500 Full Face Helmet. We first brought game changing Koroyd®️ technology into our range in 2017 with the original MT500 Helmet marking a steep change in helmet safety levels. The MT500 Full Face Helmet brings the benefits of Koroyd®️ to the burlier end of the MTB market and was the first full face helmet on the market to bring the advanced energy absorption of Koroyd®️ to a DH certified helmet for enduro, downhill and bike park riders. It started to pick up awards as soon as we released it, gaining a coveted Gold Award from OutDoor by ISPO immediately.

Safety needn’t come at the expense of comfort and by using large vents and an air intake zone as well as fast wicking padding means that this is a lid that doesn’t have to be removed when the trail heads upwards. The full Koroyd®️ core produces a full facer with a class leading weight (640g in M/L size), due to an advanced construction which boasts a unique chinbar construction built around an internal skeleton for strength without excessive weight.

Our legendary MT500 collection rides on, with new items dropping for Spring 2020.



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