Stone Cold Classics – Endura’s Hummvee Range Is Better Than Ever

Respect is earned. Trust is forged. Reputation is hard won. Our Hummvee short has been the last word in durability for nearly two decades, since we sat down with a group of straight-talking London cycle couriers and designed what they needed in a short. There are reasons it’s become the standard to which our competitors aspire: eight-pocket convenience, near bulletproof fabric, double and even triple stitched panels. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but we like to stay ahead.

Over recent seasons, the Hummvee range has expanded. It’s still the go anywhere, ride anything range that we know and love, but the shorts that every MTBer has owned are joined by a wide selection of other essential, whether that’s riding trails or snaking your way through the urban wastlelands (or just riding to work.)

Hummvee Shorts

Iconic for a reason. The one and only Hummvee Shorts for men and women really are the benchmark riding baggy. Built from a tough nylon mini-ripstop fabric, a durable water repellency coating helps to deflect spray and grime and they’re as pocket packed as they’ve ever been. They still come with a detachable, padded liner short that’s designed for day long wear and which can be swapped in and out using our very own Clickfast™ system.

Hummvee Chino Shorts

New to the range for 2019, think of the Hummvee Chino Shorts as the schooner of craft beer compared to the Hummvee’s no-nonsense pint of draft lager–slightly more refined. When you need to be a bit more office than casual, but still want to be ready to ride these are ideal summer workwear with a detachable liner short for comfortable riding. Built tough, but polite.

Hummvee Lite Gloves

Danny’s favourite gloves. Enough said? Danny favours the Hummvee Lite Gloves due to their minimal padding for maximum bar feel and dexterity, with silicone grips on the palm and finger tips for control. Urban riders also love them for their fresh designs and superb fit. Available for men and women.

Hummvee Helmet

Trail or city. Visor on or visor off. The Hummvee Helmet comes in adult and youth sizes and is available in more colours than ever before. CE certified as you’d expect, but at a price you might not…

Hummvee Glasses

The future is bright, the future is Hummvee, so we made some Hummvee Glasses with 100% UV protection that go as well off the bike as on it. We’ve also added a clear lens this season for those days when you want to look like a cycling journalist…



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