It’s Time To #ChooseBikeChooseLife

The benefits of cycling to work are more obvious now than perhaps ever before. With capacity of public transport being reduced by the need for social distancing you can choose a healthier, more environmentally friendly and just plain better way of getting to work. There are some great initiatives from local authorities all over the world too, pro-actively making room for cycling as a solution to transit in a post-peak COVID world.

Millions of people will be returning to work places across the world over coming weeks and months and the bicycle is the right tool at the right time to help to prevent streets grinding to a halt. Our re-launched Choose Life Choose Bike campaign aims to encourage people to make that switch, to help them with some tips from our own crew of commuters and give new riders some guidance on the kit that we make that will make their new mode of transport safer and more comfortable.

Pamela Barclay, Endura’s Brand Director:
If Endura can play a small part in assisting the revolution that is sweeping through cities across the world then we’ll be delighted. Many of our employees have already abandoned their cars and cycle to work at our HQ near Edinburgh, go for lunch break rides, and are involved in our internal product testing. Prior to COVID, our bike racks had never been fuller – and that was at the tail end of a particularly grotty Scottish winter. 

Our goal is to encourage and nurture a bike culture well beyond the sports cycle market, particularly with the growth in eBike as a sustainable transport solution. We take our environmental responsibility as a company very seriously, and the Choose Life Choose Bike campaign is only a small part of our recent efforts towards sustainability, which amongst others involve steps like moving away from PTFE, going PFC-free on DWR, and using non-coated recyclable cardboards for hangtags and header cards. We also design our products to be highly durable, so they last a long time without needing replacing.



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