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Our comprehensive helmet range truly lives up to our All Tribes One Clan mantra. We might have started off with just two  – the Snype for MTBers and Airshell for roadies – that went on to be worn in Grand Tours by Team NetApp-Endura – but in the years since then, our range has grown in all directions and we now have helmets for all tribes of riders. Road, MTB, commute, aero, kids.

We’ve used the latest techniques, materials and tools to create some real game changers – our use of Koroyd resulted in a step change in safety in MTB and road helmets, our full face helmet is the lightest in its class and our aero helmet was developed in conjunction with Drag2Zero, the leaders in cyclesport aerodynamics.

MTBer can choose from HummveeSingleTrackMT500 and MT500 Full Face helmets, stylish lids to suit every pocket. Our two MT500 (MT500 Helmet and MT500 Full Face) helmets are our flagships for the all terrain crew and use a core of Koroyd welded tubes to provide enhanced safety in a lightweight form – you can find them protecting Danny MacAskill, Kriss Kyle, Mikayla Parton, Hazzard Racing and the Lupato Bros in everything from World Cup downhills to the best riding videos that the bike world has seen.

On the road, our Pro SL Helmet was the first time that the benefits of Koroyd was introduced to this sector of cycling and its sleek looks and lightweight form are suitable for any type of roadie – tarmac or gravel. The FS260-Pro Helmet is unmatched in its price category in terms of weight and as proud parents, we think it looks awesome too.

If saving watts is your thing, then the D2Z Aeroswitch Helmet should be high on your list of kit. Advanced design techniques backed up by hours of wind tunnel work produced one of the fastest helmets in the world. The “switch” is the clever bit, the tail section clips on and off, so you get two helmets in one.

Commuters can choose from the Xtract Helmet – a beaut of a helmet that looks way more expensive than it really is. If you want to go bright, then the Luminite Helmet is slathered in reflective, comes in an eye watering shade of hi-vis and even features a rechargeable blinky light on the rear.

Our helmet family has grown to encompass lids for little rippers too. The Hummvee Youth helmet is perfect for the ride in to school or races around the woods, whilst the MT500JR Youth Helmet bring Koroyd to the kids with a helmet that looks just like Danny’s!



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