Built On Baggies – Good Choice Janice!

Endura baggies

If you look in the Big Book of Marketing, one of the suggestions in it is not to launch a major campaign at the outbreak of a global pandemic. But we don’t like rules so much and went ahead and unleashed Built on Baggies on an unsuspecting world in March 2020. It’s been a weird old 12 months since and so we thought; why not dial up the weirdness for our 2021 sequel…

The BoB Crew (as no-one else calls them) of Rachel Atherton, Joe Barnes, Aneela and Andy from GoWhere Scotland and Harald Philipp are joined by none other than Kriss Kyle and Gee Atherton this time around for more shorts and more bagginess than ever before.

Pull. Zip. Pop. Click. We’ve got the right baggy for every type of riding and all the conditions that are out there – lites, classic, spray and waterproof. Delve into our bagginess to find your perfect shorts.

Hummvee – this iconic baggy has been adopted by all tribes of riders from downhill to gravel, commute to adventure. A work horse piece of kit that can be loaded with cargo and relied on to protect and serve you in and out the saddle, even when bowling a mean curve ball like Andy. Strike!

SingleTrack – fully featured, bulletproof trail shorts that are designed to pedal up, hammer down and then do it all again. The enduring, bombproof construction of the SingleTrack Baggy Short means that once you’ve bought a pair you don’t need to buy another for a very long time, but often you’ll WANT to own more than one pair. Our commitment to constant refinement and fine-tuning gives you the perfect excuse to buy a new pair when an update comes through though. The latest iteration features stretch front panels, a new pocket layout and new colours for 2021. The Lite version also comes in two different leg lengths – because you asked for it.

MT500 – originally our bombproof, Kevlar stitched Lycra MTB short that helped create the whole company, MT500 is still the choice of the hard riding MTBer. Burner, Spray or Waterproof – take your pick or take all three. Award-winning no-nonsense kit for the committed mountain warrior…. endurance and durability.

Our latest baggy short collection is available through Endura dealers today. Be more like Janice and pick up a pair for a rad summer of riding. Keep your eye on our socials this week for some more choice cuts.



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