The Ergonomistry Project – The Rider Panel and Endura’s Innovations

The Ergonomistry Project employed a rider centred approach to design and development. We had a female designer and a female test panel and their feedback guided the design at every stage. During the development stage we made well over 250 pads to establish what was making the difference to rider comfort and the views of the test panel were fundamental to the project.

As Phil points out, “Cycling is so equipment heavy we can get obsessed with objective measurements and forget the importance of subjective feedback. We shouldn’t dismiss comfort – if you feel comfortable then everything is in the right place for you to perform.”

Professional triathlete Lucy Charles-Barclay says: “In terms of technical cycling apparel, I definitely think that female athletes are less catered for. Endura are trying to change this by making women-specific items for cycling, just to give us that comfort that we need, because we’re obviously very different to males, so we need our own range of cycling apparel.

“The finished pad feels really good, it just gives you the right amount of cushioning on the saddle. I am riding for up to 5 or 6 hours on the bibshorts, so I’ve put them through their paces, and I definitely can feel the difference in comfort. I am not getting any rubbing or any irritations, I am really happy with the final product. It’s comfortable, I am not really noticing that it’s there, so I am just getting on with my job and riding my bike.”

Danni Shrosbree of Team LDN – Brother UK, adds: “As a female rider I’ve definitely come across many issues when it comes to chamois. And sadly I think that’s something that myself and many other women accept, you know, we just accept pain after a ride and we dread the first time we get on the saddle the next day, but it’s something that we’ve just got used to. It’s great to see brands like Endura focussing on the innovation of chamois and really putting a lot of research into what women need, and the comfort they need, to make their riding so much more enjoyable.”

Experienced cyclist and journalist Hannah Reynolds talks about the development process: “Working with Endura has shown me how quickly changes can be made. Phil would phone me up, ask for my feedback, and within a week something would be winging its way to me that addressed that particular issue, I’d get on my bike, and it was sorted. That’s such a refreshing thing for a female cyclist, to be really, really listened to.

“Endura have really, really done their research, and that shows – in the conversations we’ve had, in the shorts that have been created. And ultimately in the fact that the pair of shorts that I’ve got now, I don’t even know that I’m wearing them, and that is the biggest compliment that you can pay.”

Susie Cheetham, professional long-distance triathlete, says: “Helping develop this new gel women-specific pad has really changed the comfort of my cycling, and I really look forward to in the future being able to doing my training and racing with something that’s a lot more comfortable for me.”

Take a closer look at the technologies that make up the new Women’s Pro SL EGM bibshort.

Taboo busting philosophy – women sit on a saddle differently to men for a whole host of reasons, so we’ve completely re-engineered this pad from back to front. This approach confronts the taboo around the considerable variance in how women’s bodies present, with particular emphasis on the vulnerable frontal skin structures where the injuries and pain regularly occur.

Medical grade elastomer – as used in advanced prosthetics, it’s much more effective at dissipating pressure than foam or traditional PU gels, thereby protecting the skin and underlying soft tissues by spreading pressure across a wider area and reducing frictional forces.

CVP Liquid Elastomer Process – game-changing comfort is achieved via this novel application whereby the medical grade elastomer in a liquid form is combined with Endura’s continuous variable profile (CVP) pads. By designing pre-formed reservoirs in the pads and carefully controlling the manufacturing conditions, the liquid elastomer penetrates the foam cell structure at its interface, accurately securing the gel in place and supplying a smooth transition between the pad and the elastomer sections.

Symbiotic fit system – a remastered garment fit where pad and short fit work symbiotically, as the best pad in the world will not work inside a poorly fitting short. Unparalleled attention to detail has been applied in every aspect, from gripper to seam placement, delivering a consistent fit that positions and holds the pad on the rider for optimal all-day ride comfort.

Zipless Dropseat™ Function – Oh… and last but certainly not least Endura’s unique zipless DropSeat™ function…. the ‘elegant solution for when nature calls’. This means that her comfort break will be low hassle and lightning fast… and from now on she’ll be leaving the guys sitting!



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