Our #HardcoreRoadie Women’s Ranges – Better Than Ever

At Endura we’ve always been committed to providing female road riders with levels of performance, fit and comfort matching those of their male counterparts, we’ve never been the types to “shrink it and pink it”. The introduction of the industry leading Women’s Pro SL Bibshort with three pad width options and unique DropSeat function is testament to this.

Our 2020 road collections see the addition of key new pieces of kit across our road ranges:

Pro SL – our flagship range uses garment technologies that were originally developed for the most demanding races in the Women’s WorldTour, now available for all to ride.

FS260-Pro – a perennial favourite of the experience road rider and ambitious newcomers alike, this range combines comfort, performance and sharp styling throughout and benefits from technologies filtering down from Pro SL.

Xtract Lite – designed for hot climates (and perfectly suited to indoor riding too), Xtract Lite deploys lightweight fabrics and heat busting tech to provide exceptional temperature management, helping to avoid heat build-up.


Endura innovates. The Pro SL Women’s Bibshort is arguably the most innovative garment in our entire range, with award-winning system of multiple pad widths and DropSeat technology that’s been enhanced with a stretch zip. The multi-width pad system used in our Pro SL Bibshort has been tried and tested in the cut and thrust of WorldTour racing and is back up by our 90 day comfort guarantee.

Choose the pad width that best matches the geometry of your pelvis to reduce pressure peaks, the key to improved comfort. Our 700 series pad has been developed through scientific testing in collaboration with gebioMized and refined with feedback from our pros and in-house testing team.

Three pad width options are offered to ensure the closest match to pelvic geometry and riding style. The pad width is determined by matching sit bone measurement and saddle width to a measurement matrix or for the most accurate results by being measured using the Endura-gebioMized PadFit System, which goes far beyond other systems by dynamically mapping pressure and matching the short pad for the ultimate all day comfort and fit. You can find details of dealers offering PadFit here as well as an online guide that uses your current saddle model and width to determine which pad is likely to suit you best.

Our Pro SL (and FS260-Pro) bib shorts also feature our much admired DropSeat (DS) function to allow access for comfort breaks on the move. The DS zip is positioned in such a way that it avoids body flex and is made with a stretch zipper so that you’ll barely notice it when riding.



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