Kit for Kids – Sized Down, Styled Up – Kids Cycling Clothes

As Endura has got bigger, our kit has got smaller with the rapid growth of our kids range. We’ve got a full wardrobe of riding gear for your little nippers. The Endura kids collection reflects key pieces from the adult range, bringing down the size but keeping the spec and style dialled up.

If we were to pick the coolest bit of our kids collections, we’d go for the the MT500JR Youth Helmet. It brings our award winning helmet to smaller heads, with an integrated Koroyd® core for superior, lightweight, breathable protection. Most importantly, it comes with a sticker set for unique customisation. Stickers everywhere…

We don’t wrap our junior riders up in cotton-wool, but sometimes a little extra protection comes in handy when the trails get rougher and the odd tumble is earned. SingleTrack Knee and Elbow Protectors are built tough, with highly flexible construction for comfort and multi-layer memory foam inserts for supple protection.

Also new for the long summer of riding ahead, the MT500JR Long Sleeve T is based on the riding jersey that we make for our band of pro DH and enduro riders – including the Atherton and the Hazzard Racing crews. It’s made from a fast wicking, performance fabric and features on trend graphics – little nippers don’t need to wear cartoon characters when they’re riding.

Every MTBer needs bombproof shorts and the Kids MT500JR Baggy Shorts come in hard wearing nylon which and mirror the baggies in our adult ranges – trail style should start early. Featuring our Clickfast system they match up perfectly with the Kids Engineered Padded Boxer too.

MTB gloves not only complete the outfit, but they form an important bit of safety equipment too, saving delicate palms from gravel rash from falls and blisters from long days behind the bars. Based on Danny MacAskill’s favourite gloves, the Kids Hummvee Gloves share the same exceptional bar feel that Danny was looking for in a fuss free, pared down set of gloves.



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