Hummvee, always and forever 

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Hummvee has been definitive baggy short in cycling for decades – much admired, much copied, but never bettered. It’s the baggy short that’s always and forever.

Hummvee Shorts ride on, and on, and on…

First came the Hummvee Shorts, then came the Hummvee Shorts II. Now, in 2023, we bring you the Hummvee Short. Proof that when you get your product right first time, you don’t need to mess around with it too much – this is just the second refurb we’ve given the Hummvee’s in two decades of domination. The Hummvee has been definitive baggy short in cycling for decades – much admired, much copied, but never bettered. It’s the baggy short that’s always and forever.

Endura were one of the pioneers in the baggy short market a way-back-when, taking the more laid-back look that mountain bikers were adopting in the late 1990s and tweaking board shorts into riding shorts. Following on from the Snapper and Voyager, the first Hummvees were developed with the help of a group of London bike messengers who helped deliver a bunch of features that have shaped the short and helped us build a global cycling apparel brand. Endura really is the company that was built on baggies.

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Since then, Hummvee Shorts have been adopted for all sorts of riders, doing all sorts of things. Riding trails, riding to work, riding just for shits and giggles, riding to the pub. Hummvee is always the right choice.

We might have given the Hummvees an update in terms of styling, colours and fit, but they keep all of the durability of earlier iterations, made from tough nylon and featuring double stitched in critical areas, making them nearly indestructible.

Much copied but never bettered, Hummvee Shorts are the last word in riding cargo baggies for the no-nonsense rider.

  Two cyclists riding through a forest on a wide track

Hummvee Shorts

The much-loved icon of the MTB scene gets even mightier in 2023, with updated styling, colours, fit and a new belt too. It’s still as durable as ever and with all the storage you could ever need in a set of shorts. They’re supplied with an Endura ClickfastTM detachable liner – just pull them on and you are ready to roll. Available in ¾ length too.

The shorts aren’t the only new bits of kit in the Hummvee range that now covers riders from head to toe – from helmets to shoes.

  Studio photo of male and female wearing Hummvee Jerseys and Hummvee Helmets

Hummvee Jersey 

Just like the shorts, multi-purpose use is the name of the game here with the updated Hummvee Short Sleeve Jersey. No matter what type of pedalling you’re doing, this jersey has the features to make you ride better. The new 80% recycled fabric is reduces the garment weight, while improving overall comfort and wicking performance. Add in the generous pocket storage and this jersey is ready for whatever you throw at it.

  Close-up of BMX rider in Hummvee Clipless Shoes

Hummvee Clipless Shoes 

The next generation of Hummvee Shoe now move into the clipless world. Keeping the casual BMX styling of the Hummvee Flat Pedal Shoe, the Hummvee Clipless Shoe is the perfect option for leisure, urban and MTB riders alike who are looking to clip in on their day-to-day rides. Don’t be fooled by the casual looks, this shoe has been engineered to ride and is ready to take on whatever type of cycling you need it to.

  Photos of Humvee XC shoes

Hummvee XC Shoes 

The all new Hummvee XC Shoe brings tough durability to a shoe well suited for all trail, XC and gravel duties. Designed with input from Ergonomistry expert Phil Burt, the Hummvee XC Shoe brings the highest possible level of comfort in a classic XC form. The nylon composite midsole provides stiffness, translating your pedalling input straight to the pedals.

  MTB ride wearing Endura Hummvee products

Hummvee Plus Helmet 

If you’ve been paying attention to this point, it’s no surprise that the Hummvee Plus Helmet is equally at home on trails, mean city streets and wherever you’re riding your bike. Available with and without MIPS®, it’s an awesome looking lid that punches well above its price point.



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