Endura winners in HSBC Global Connections Competition

We’re delighted to have been selected as one of two SME National Winners in the HSBC Global Connections Competition.

Amanda Murphy, Head of Business Banking for HSBC UK Commercial Banking:

We’ve spent the day listening to brilliant leaders talk about their brilliant businesses and it has been truly inspiring.

Every single company today demonstrated at least one awesome piece of excellence across our judging criteria, from innovation and strategic focus to developing management teams and embedding a strong culture.

This is a special group of companies and any one of them would have been a worthy winner.

Dan Howlett, Head of Corporate Banking, for HSBC UK Commercial Banking:

We were looking for a truly iconic business with innovation at its heart. All of these companies have had to reinvent themselves over time to survive and thrive, demonstrating constant innovation and an ability to adapt.

As judges we had an intense debate and the final decision was incredibly close because any of these businesses would have been a deserving winner.

Jim McFarlane, Managing Director of Endura:

We didn’t expect to get to this stage let alone win so we’re surprised and hugely appreciative. We think we’ve got a great business that’s worthy of it and I’m glad that came through in the presentation.

We are planning to establish a venue where we can introduce underprivileged kids to mountain-biking and the funding will go towards that and help accelerate the process.

Congratulations to fellow winners Neptune Home (also SME National Winners) and Joseph Joseph (MME National Winners) and all of the competition’s finalists.



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