Protection Tape 02 – Hazzard Racing vs The MT500 Full Face Helmet

Endura have brought their game changing safety story to the full face helmet category and it’s a doozy. The all new MT500 Full Face Helmet is the first to use Koroyd® technology at the burly end of the mountain bike helmet market for enduro, downhill and bike park and it’s already starting to pick up prizes after OutDoor by ISPO bestowed it with their gold award earlier this summer.

Constant disruptors. Endura’s integration of a 3D formed Koroyd® core brings improved energy absorption to the full face helmet market.

Koroyd®’s ultra-light tube structure crumples instantly and consistently on impact, absorbing more force with greater reliability compared to any other helmet technology. This unique behaviour protects the skull and brain from direct and angled impacts, significantly reducing the chance of a life-affecting injury.

The benefits don’t stop there.

Koroyd®’s welded tubes also provide advanced breathability. Air surrounding the helmet is drawn through Koroyd®’s open cell structure and delivered in a uniform, constant flow ensuring more efficient cooling and allowing the wearer to keep a cool head in the most intense conditions.

Combine that with large vents and an air intake zone, as well as fast wicking padding, and riders benefit from a full-face helmet that doesn’t have to be removed when the trail heads upwards.

We’ve used our advanced design capabilities and maximized the integration of Koroyd®, resulting in an ultralight weight helmet which doesn’t compromise on safety. (S/M: 520g, M/L: 580g, L/XL: 680g). Despite being the lightest in its class, the MT500 Full Face Helmet is still fully DH certified (ASTM F1952 and CE Standard EN1078:2012 + 1 A1:2012).

Like the rest of our MT500 range, if you’re not happy with our MT500 Full Face Helmet then it’s covered by our 90 day Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident that causes damage to your MT500 Full Face Helmet, our Crash Replacement Scheme will reduce the cost of replacing your helmet with the same or nearest model.

The MT500 Full Face Helmet joins our wide range of MTB helmets that suit all varieties of off-roading and a protection range that’s #AthertonApproved. The MT500 range of helmets and protectors are ridden by Hazzard Racing, Danny MacAskill, Kriss Kyle, Morgane Charre and Ella Conolly.

We’ve been saying that taking risks has never been safer since we launched the MT500 Helmet in 2017, so who better to take on a bit of a risk than the hard racing, hard playing Hazzard Racing. We bring you the Protection Tape 02 – shot on Hazzard Racing’s home trails near An Gearasdan, join them for loose turns, Highland hero dirt and a whole lot of jibbing.

Protection. It’s in our DNA.



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