New Athlete Signing – Ironman Champion Leon Chevalier Joins Endura 

Endura road cyclists takes corner in FS260

We’re very pleased to announce the signing of one of the most exciting long distance triathlon talents to emerge onto the Iron-distance scene over the past couple of seasons as Leon Chevalier joins our outstanding multi-disciplinary roster of riders.

The French Iron-distance specialist took a huge step forward in 2021, winning Ironman Mallorca whilst breaking the 8-hour mark for the first time, another win at The Embrunman and a highly impressive second place finish in the iconic Alpe d’Huez triathlon. All in his first season in the pro ranks.

Close up of Endura cyclist in road riding gear

Images by: Côme Bonnet-Badillé

A full time Masters student of Chemical Engineering at the University of Bath, Leon has been working with Susie and Rob Cheetham of Cheetham Coaching over the past couple of years, benefitting from the experience of former Endura triathletes Susie and coaching and logistics assistance from Rob.

Leon will be juggling his final year studies with a top-line race programme, with qualifications both Ironman World Championships (the postponed 2021 championships in St George, Utah and 2022’s return to Kona in October) already assured. His season opener will be Ironman 70.3 Lanzarote in March, before Ironman Nice and a return to the hairpins of Alpe d’Huez in July as he builds towards his debut on the Big Island in October.

Leon will be wearing an Endura Custom version of our ground breaking QDC Drag2Zero triathlon suit. The product of our long standing collaboration work with renowned cyclesport aerodynamicist Simon Smart, our triathlon suits feature Surface Silicone Topography (SST), a technology that was considered too advanced to use in UCI sanctioned races, but which holds an almost mythical status within the pro triathlon world.

Wind tunnel testing is one thing, but Endura’s athletes have proven the science time and again in real world racing conditions, with many long distance wins and a world record under it’s (number) belt.

For training, Leon will be riding in Pro SL, our flagship road range which has kit for all conditions, including our amazing Pro SL 3 Season Jacket, the ultimate Autumn, Winter AND Spring jacket.

Find out more about our new Ironman champion:

What was your first memory of riding a bike? 

The day we took off the stabilisers! My dad had unscrewed them and had left me on the drive as he headed back in to the garage. Next thing I know, I’ve scootered down the drive and done a u-turn into our neighbour’s drive. My dad thought I’d disappeared!

If you could take your bike to any stretch of road or trail in the world – where would you go? 

Bikes are incredible, there’s no better way of exploring an area than on two wheels. I’ve been lucky to ride my bike in some pretty epic places — I particularly love my home roads in Bath, Monmouthshire in Wales and the Alps. But I’d love to ride the “Strade Bianche” (ultimate dream would be to race there!).

Ever practised a victory salute? What is it? 

We had a long corridor in the flat I shared with some fellow triathletes that we used to hold a length of loo roll across and practice breaking the tape. I can’t remember what ridiculous celebrations we came up with, and that’s probably a good thing; so now I just go with the classic arm in the air.

Do you prefer to ride/train solo or in a group? Why? 

I do most of my riding solo — I enjoy having time with my thoughts, racing myself up a hill and ripping it up at my own pace. But don’t get me wrong: a sunny social ride to the local bakery is ace.

Do you have any pre-ride/race rituals? 

I trim my hair and shave my legs the day before every race!

What’s the worst weather you’ve ever ridden in? 

Rain and single digit temperatures… Being soaked to the bone 15 minutes into a 4 hour ride is not pleasant. They do say skin’s waterproof, though.

If you only had one bike for the rest of your life, what would it be?   

A road bike with 28 mm tyres; great performance on the alpine climbs, and just enough to get away with on white gravel paths.

Matchy matchy or mix it up? Do you think carefully about your outfit before you head out or grab whatever’s clean? 

Looking good increases your FTP by 73 % (it’s been scientifically proven). Luckily with Endura I’ve got all the kit I need to make sure I look good, every time. Also, I think a gilet is cool.

What is the correct temperature to uncover your knees?   

Pack some knee warmers and whack them on and off when you fancy!

Are you a pre-ride faffer or are you always good to go? 

It takes me aaages to get out the door.

Stop and search….what’s stashed in your (cycling) pockets?  

I always pack my phone and make sure it’s sharing my location to someone back home so they can check in on me once in a while when I ride solo. Other essentials include a rain jacket, a hand pump, a spare inner tube, a multi-tool and too much food.



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