Do I Need Cycle Specific Clothing?

It’s been amazing seeing so many new people choosing the bike for their exercise fix and for commuting over the past few weeks. From old, dusty utility bikes that have been languishing in a corner for many years to shiny new machines purchased during lockdown – more people on bikes is always a very good thing

If you’re amongst the many thousands of cyclists who’re taking to the saddle for the first time in a long time then the world of bike clothing can seem a bit confusing. Pads, windproofing, breathability, waterproofness, retention devices, wick-ability, reflectivity – there’s lots of off-putting jargon out there. Although you can certainly enjoy riding without any specialist kit, your safety and comfort can be enhanced by picking up a few key items to help you make the most of your riding time.

The first thing we’d suggest is a helmet. Our helmet range covers all bases, but if you’re looking for something to replace the cheap thing that’s been hanging in the cupboard for years then you’ll find modern helmets like the Hummvee and SingleTrack are a leap forward in terms of fit, comfort and looks. Fully certified (EN 1078:2012 + A1:2012) our lids feature a rear retention device to dial-in the fit, removable peaks and fresh styling and the Hummvee is available in a Youth version too.

Gloves form part of your PPE too, they don’t just keep your hands warm in cooler weather but provide protection from abrasions in case of a fall. We designed the Hummvee Lite Icon Glove for riders who want to keep closely connected to the bike, with zero padding in the palm for exceptional bar feel. MTB superstar Danny MacAskill likes these gloves so much that he’s worn them in all his recent videos and they now carry his signature.

With safety covered, let’s look at improving your comfort. Our iconic Hummvee Shorts have been adopted by riders for all sorts of uses over the years: commuting, MTBing, leisure and touring. They come with a padded inner short that clicks into place providing you with a new level of cush when in the saddle. Available for men and women in a choice of colours, try them and find out why they’ve earned their iconic status. Check out the rest of the Hummvee range too, it’s rammed with riding gear that won’t necessarily marking you out as a cyclist when you’re not on a bike.

If you don’t want to dive into full on cycling apparel, then we can still help improve comfort with our Engineered Padded Boxers (for men and women) that can be worn under regular clothing for a more comfortable ride. Made using a seamless “engineered” knit, there’s no awkward seams to rub and chafe and feature a specially made padded insert that puts just the right amount of cushioning between you and the saddle. When you do decide to take the plunge by adding bike specific baggies over the top they feature our Clickfast system for easy integration into Endura outer shorts and trousers (non Clickfast versions are available too).

If your riding has moved up a gear and you’re going a wee bit further then you’ll find that the SingleTrack range – for riders who ride up, along and down every trail they find – is the place to go for a full upgrade. Our SingleTrack Shorts got a full makeover for 2020, retaining the same bulletproof construction – they’re the classic that keeps getting better.




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