#RidingItOut – Our Choice Of Cycling Podcasts

This is Radio Endura. Don’t worry we’re not launching our own podcast (there’s probably enough of them out there already), but thought we’d gather together some the cycling related ones that we’ve been listening to recently to help keep bikes in your ears even when they can’t be between your legs. Er…

  1. The Slow Ride Podcast

    Mainly about pro racing, with a healthy dose of gravel, a bit of snark and some insider knowledge thrown in too. Hosted by three aficionados who met when messengering well over a decade ago, its part of the Wide Angle Podium network with even more bike related content.

  2. The Rouleur Podcast

    Like Rouleur magazine? Then you’re probably going to love their podcast. Fortnightly episodes from their team of experts focussing on interviews and race coverage (when there is some) and their back catalogue is well worth a browse too.

  3. GMBN presents The Mountain Bike Podcast

    They mightn’t have any actual racing to comment on, but GMBN’s array of hosts interview some stellar guests covering tech and trends in modern mountain biking. Available on YouTube as well as your favourite podcatcher.

  4. Cycle Tips

    A weekly pod which features chats about all things cycling, including the biggest stories in the racing world, topics from behind the scenes, tips for your riding and what’s new in tech.

  5. Talking Luft!

    Mitch Docker’s Life in the Peloton pod has been on our download list for a wee while now and the EF Education First rider’s new Staying Luft! offshoot is a great listen too. – looking forward to the next episode already for more bike culture and life outside the peloton chat with fellow pros.



    Are we missing any? Let us know what you’re listening to over on Facebook or Twitter.



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