Make The Switch On #WorldBikeDay

If there’s one good thing that’s come out of the current situation, it’s that cities all over the world are finally seeing the bike as the answer to prevent gridlock whilst public transport is forced to operate at reduced capacity. Cycle lanes are popping up, making it easier to choose bike all over the place. We’re confident that once the authorities see the benefits of bike commuting they’ll become permanent features and be encouraged to green light additional investment in facilities.

If you’re making the switch to riding to work for the first time, we’re here with some suggestions for a little wardrobe of versatile riding kit that’ll make your commute comfier and safer.

A well fitted, modern bike helmet is the obvious place to start and with our Hummvee and Xtract Helmets are fully certified lids that are lightweight and comfortable to wear year round thanks to their well vented design. Our own micro-adjust retention system literally dials in the fit and there’s a wide array of colours available too.

The contact points between you and the bike are places where cycle specific kit can really enhance your comfort – hands and bum might feel a bit tender if you don’t.

Padded cycling shorts make a huge difference. Don’t worry, this is a zero lycra zone (but we provide a wide range of that too if you want to get in some free training). Once you’ve tried riding in a padded short or liner, we’re sure that you’ll never go back to riding without them, thanks to the extra cushioning afforded by the pad and lack of seams to eliminate nasty pressure points in sensitive areas. If you want to keep it casual, then look no further than the Hummvee Short but if you want something a bit more “office”, then it’s slighter smarter cousin the Hummvee Chino Short is a wear all day at your desk short that’s still built rugged for proper riding.

Even if specific cycling apparel isn’t your thing, then we can still help improve comfort with our liner shorts (for men, women and kids) that can be worn under regular clothing for a more comfortable ride. Made without awkward seams to rub and chafe, they feature a specially made padded insert that puts just the right amount of cushioning between you and the saddle. When you do decide to take the plunge by adding bike specific baggies over the top they feature our Clickfast system for easy integration into Endura outer shorts and trousers (non Clickfast versions are available too).

Your hands take a bit of a beating too, that’s why cycling gloves and mitts offer a little cushioning on the palms to take the pressure off areas that are pack with nerves. You don’t want to be stuck in a pair of winter gauntlets when summer comes, so take a look at our Hummvee Lite Icon Glove – there’s just enough padding from the palm fabric to provide a bit of protection and there’s built in ventilation too.



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