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Choose Life. Choose Bike.

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Luminite Street Lighting


Luminite Street Lighting - Embrace the new normal with novel and contemporary high-viz jackets and helmets featuring integrated reflective and lights. Navigate the concrete jungle with confidence. In a pre COVID-19 world, millions of people commuted to work by car or public transport. The average traffic speed in London was below 16 miles per hour and commuters in New York spent almost an hour and a half on crammed public transport. In Berlin commuters spent almost two full days in stationary congestion in 2017, and 76% of Parisians have said they take a pay cut to avoid their daily commute. Choose life, choose bike is the logical and ethical choice for modern urban transit in a post-Covid-19 world: get fit, save time and save the planet by using two wheels for your commute. But don’t compromise on style. Commute, transit, or urban e-bike - Endura’s new Urban Luminite garments and city lids let you pimp your ride with directional visibility and street cred while keeping you safe.


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Arrive Alive - in Hi-vis colours

We’ve been making cycle commuter’s journeys safer and more comfortable for many years. For winter ‘20 we are introducing a major revamp of the super-bright Luminite jackets, dialling up the visibility and keeping the aesthetic bang up to date. Utilising highly breathable waterproof ExoShell20™ throughout the jackets as well as large reflective panels you don’t have to compromise on safety for comfort and function.

Luminite Collection

Hummvee Collection

Respect is earned. Reputation is hard won.

Feature rich and highly versatile Endura’s iconic Hummvee collection is the perfect gateway to in to the world of technical bike apparel, for those not interested in Lycra and wanting to change lifetime habits by commuting by bike. Our Hummvee Short has been the last word in durability for nearly two decades, since we sat down with a group of straight-talking London cycle couriers and designed what they needed in a short.

Hummvee City Collection

The all new Hummvee Chino


Icons can be rugged as well as beautiful. And our Original Hummvee Short is proof of that. However for those of you with a somewhat more discrete sartorial code, here’s a short that is perhaps a little more understated: Enter the all-new Hummvee Chino Short. We like to think of him as the Original Hummvee’s ever-so-slightly smarter cousin. Perhaps think craft beer instead of lager on draught.

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Choose Life. Choose Bike.


Worn down by your daily commute by car or on public transport? Why not embrace riding to work by bike? In big metropolises around the world, millions of commuters are stuck in heavy traffic every day. However, tomorrow could be different: around 80.000 Londoners already choose to beat the rush by taking their bike. They choose to be faster, fitter, smarter, and healthier - and you can, too!

It's time Ride into the new normal

Whatever you ride

We've got you covered

Choose Life. Choose bike. Ethical. Economical. Logical. Sustainable. Leave the gridlock standing and opt for health benefits and an improved quality of life. You decide.

We’ve been making cycle commuter’s journeys safer and more comfortable for many years whether that’s with the super-bright Luminite range or more subtle urban styles in our Hummvee collection that move effortlessly from the bike to the office or café. Our road and MTB ranges also feature kit that segue from open roads and trails into a city environment.

Waterproof Jackets Riding Hoodies

5 Tips

to help you switch to bike commuting

Switching to the bike for commuting can feel a bit daunting to begin with, but even if we weren’t in the current situation, it’s 100% the way to go. You’ll arrive at work fresher, it’s cheaper (even allowing for a second breakfast), helps cut congestions and gets you fit for free.

The Endura commute crew are here to help you make the switch with our tips for pain-free bike commuting.

Commute Essentials Why Cycle Specific Clothing?

Two British Icons

Brompton, powered by Endura

A collaboration between two iconic British brands, the “Brompton powered by Endura” collection offers contemporary classics that are minimalist and yet loaded with discrete features, moving effortlessly from the street to the subway to the office, just like the Brompton bikes. Both brands are British institutions, born and bred, but they also both boast rich engineering tradition, continuing to manufacture in the UK to this day albeit at either end of the country. Endura and Brompton share a vision that chimes with current zeitgeist of getting more folk to ditch the car and get on bikes.

Endura recently launched our Choose Bike Choose Life campaign as the logical and ethical choice for modern urban transit, and Brompton have always been working towards that same goal.

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