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All Tribes - One Planet

Our Committment to Sustainability

1 Million Trees. Every Year.

A step in the right direction.

From 2020 onwards, we commit to planting one million trees annually to help reduce the quantity of carbon in the atmosphere.

As a company that operates on a global level, we are very aware of our environmental impact and are working on a number of fronts to reduce our footprint. While we have been taking steps towards change - our kit has been PFC-free since 2018, we offer a repair service, and 1% of our net profit goes to good causes – we believe there is one over-riding challenge.

“The one thing we must focus on now is the climate emergency,” Endura’s founders Jim McFarlane and Pamela Barclay point out. “If we don’t tackle climate change then there will not be a planet to clean up.” (Read More)

Our Commitment

PFC Free Since 2018

As early movers in this area, all production from Endura sources has been PFC Free since autumn 2018. This goes above and beyond the legal environmental requirement in most territories and illustrates our commitment to kit that is gentle on the planet.

Bio-Degradable Proofers

In part due to the switch to PFC-Free "Durable Water Repellency" in our range, it is required to re-proof our products more regularly. In 2018 we launched our biodegradable and PFC-free proofer and cleaning agents to the market so that we can maintain the performance of our clothing and at the same time protect the planet.

Apparel Cleaner & Reproofer Apparel Reproofer


98% of point of sale packaging can be recycled

We have removed all laminate and gloss finishes from our packaging and tags to ensure that they are easily recyclable since 2015. We will not stop there though, and are now actively developing alternative solutions to the poly bag and hangers in store.

Built to Last

Endura Kit stands the test of time

Endura has a reputation for enduring and durable kit that relishes the stresses that biking subjects it to. Our kit stands the test of time and this keeps it in circulation for a very long time. It is widely acknowledged that using a product for a long time considerably reduces its environmental impact.


We don't use PTFE

PTFE is a a particularly persistent compound often found in the waterproof membranes of some premium brands. It takes an exceptionally long time to break down in the natural environment. Endura has moved away from using it since 2014.

We make Local & Repair

Production and Repair Facilities On-Site

At Endura we buck the trend and continue our tradition of over 25 years manufacturing in the UK close to our customers a proportion of our offer.

We also offer a non-warranty repair service where we can extend the life of your product and stop the frustration of scrapping an otherwise perfectly functioning product after a crash.

World-Class Ethical Sourcing

Endura is a member of the Pentland family of brands. Pentland Brands has an enviable reputation for corporate responsibility and ethical trading as well as being great place to work. You can read more about Pentland Brands’ ethical stance, credentials and values here.

Pentland's "Our Responsibility"

What's Next?

We recognise that we have a long way to go before we will be satisfied that we have done all we can to eliminate our environmental impact as a brand and fully lived up to our values in terms of sustainability.

We are involved in many projects around end-of-life, plastic reduction and recycling to name just a few. We are committed to facing up to this challenge head on and not simply tinkering around the edges.

Sustainability is a value that is espoused all the way from the top of Endura and it now shapes the way we design our product and how we operate our business.