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We are Built on Baggies


Right now we are all in need of some light relief and this mock-u-mercial mini-film celebrates the noble Baggy Short featuring a rack of recognizable faces, just from a slightly alternate universe... Early pioneers of baggy shorts back in the 90’s, Endura earned a reputation forged on no-nonsense durable kit for committed riders and pro’s alike.

From our early collaboration with the hardcore bike courier scene in the 90’s that spawned the iconic Hummvee, the baggy short has been adopted by all tribes of riders from downhill to gravel, commute to adventure. A work horse piece of kit that can be loaded with cargo and relied on to protect and serve you in and out the saddle. Endura’s baggies have led a look for generations of off-roadies.

Spring 2020 sees the addition of no less than seven new styles to our already strong baggy shorts line-up for any type of mountain biking.

Men's Baggy Shorts Women's Baggy Shorts

MT500 Collection

Pushing boundaries for 25 years

Since the brand was born Endura’s flagship MT500 collection has pushed the boundaries of function and durability setting new standards in MTB apparel. Working with the Athertons and Danny MacAskill as well as a selection of talented enduro riders, the range has never been stronger or tougher.

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SingleTrack Collection

For every Trail

Born from the long and often isolated trails of our homeland, the SingleTrack collection is built for those that ride up, down and along every trail they find. Feature rich products throughout the collection satisfy every type of trail rider and a seasonal injection of colour keeps things fresh.

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Hummvee Collection

Iconic all-rounder

Feature rich and highly versatile Endura’s iconic Hummvee collection is the perfect gateway into the world of technical bike apparel, for those not interested in Lycra. Our Hummvee short has been the last word in durability for nearly two decades, designed with a group of straight-talking London couriers, quickly adopted by mountain bikers as the go to all-rounder.

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MTR Collection

Off-road Adventure

MTR is all about adventure. Lightweight, packable kit perfect for multi day adventures, epic big days out or a just a quick lunch break thrash round your secret local gravel loop - whatever your time allows.

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MT500 Freezing Point

When the mercury plunges or the trails hit serious altitudes, the new MT500 Freezing Point Jackets and Trousers have been designed for MTBers by the brand with a serious history of creating foul weather gear. They’re also perfectly suited to the rising trend of e-mtb adventures, where the motor might be taking some of the strain and keeping you a little cooler than when you’re climbing at full gas using leg power alone.

Strategic panels are filled with lightweight PrimaLoft® GOLD insulation - made from 45% recycled content – boast an unbeatable warmth to weight ratio, housed in tough, durable outer fabrics and designed with cleverly positioned vents that work together for long tough climbs and frosty descents.

Freezing Point Jacket Freezing Point Trouser



Respect is earned. Trust is forged. Reputation is hard won. Our Hummvee Short has been the last word in durability for nearly two decades, since we sat down with a group of straight-talking London cycle couriers and designed what they needed in a short. The result became a classic that was also immediately adopted by mountain bikers.

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Kriss Kyle


It's a biggee - we're hooking up with the hottest British BMX talent, Scotland’s very own Kriss Kyle, arguably one of the world's most exciting riders right now. Kriss will be rocking Endura helmets and protection for all his riding. But in a new development for the young Scot, he embarks on a new series of MTB projects where he brings BMX to the mountain and will be riding specially radically designed Endura apparel in his new video.

Kriss' Story

The Protection Project: Pt2


We’ve been saying that taking risks has never been safer since we launched the MT500 Helmet in 2017, so who better ride the new MT500 Full Face Helmet than the hard racing, hard playing Hazzard Racing. We bring you the Protection Tape 02 - shot on Hazzard Racing’s home trails near An Gearasdan, join them for loose turns, Highland hero dirt and a whole lot of jibbing.

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MT500 Full Face Helmet

The lightest in its class

Protection. It’s in our DNA. Endura’s integration of a 3D formed Koroyd core brings improved energy absorption to the full face helmet market. Koroyd’s ultra-light tube structure crumples instantly and consistently on impact, absorbing more force with greater reliability compared to any other helmet technology. This unique behaviour protects the skull and brain from direct and angled impacts, significantly reducing the chance of a life-affecting injury.

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Innovation Rewarded

MT500 Full Face Helmet picks up ISPO's Outstanding Outdoor Award

Our amazing new MT500 Full Face Helmet picks up it's first award as a Gold Winner in ISPO's Outstanding Outdoor Awards. Class leading weight and ventilation is made possible by deploying Koroyd's advanced energy absorber with the required impact protection to meet DH standards. The MT500 Full Face Helmets hits Endura dealers in mid-July.

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The Stolen Hour

Mountain Fresh Utility

Sometimes a ‘stolen’ ride is the best ride. The no-time-to-change, ride-in-what-you’re-wearing kind of ride. Endura’s expanded Hummvee collection is filled with casual but technical garments that outperform street fashion, leaving you ready to ride at a moment’s notice.

Our Hummvee Collection has been around for nearly two decades and - with winter drawing closer - it's time to grab a ride whenever you can. The rugged Hummvee range has you covered.

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MT500 Helmet


Integrated into the core design of the MT500 Helmet, Koroyd's engineered tubes absorb energy in a more linear fashion than traditional foams reducing peak g-forces in the event of an impact. The result? Compared to the 40% risk of skull fracture whilst wearing a helmet that passes the European Safety Standard at its threshold, Endura's MT500 Helmet achieves a staggeringly low less than 5%.

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Danny MacAskill

Mountain & Trials

Danny MacAskill’s films may have been watched online by tens of millions of people, but he is the very last person to behave like a superstar. Instead, Danny will rock up unannounced at our headquarters with nothing on his agenda more pressing than a brew and a chinwag.

When he makes last-minute kit requests for “minor” projects like Wee Day Out and a ride to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, we’re happy to help. “I prefer to operate as friends,” Danny told us when we joined him for a brew in Glasgow.

Endura and the street trials star share a proud Scottish heritage and strong mountain biking roots. It is a powerful, self-confident partnership but also great for Scotland and reinforces this wee country’s position as a hub of biking excellence. Welcome to the clan, Danny.

Danny's story

Hazzard Racing

Scottish radsters Hazzard Racing joined the Endura clan in 2019, bringing edge to our enduro tribe - Joe Barnes, aka Top Chief, Lachlan Blair and Fergus Lamb will ride in Endura at selected Enduro World Series events as well as churning the turns across the UK.

Harald Philipp


Harald Philipp is an Alpinist and mountain biker who has embraced the philosophy of ‘flow’ for his astonishing riding exploits. The soaring peaks that surround Innsbruck are his home trails, and he is at home riding on exposed ledges, several thousand feet above sea level.

Author, adventurer and public speaker, Philipp is an intelligent, creative rider who relies on Endura’s MT500 Helmet with Koroyd core to reduce the risks of riding in such precipitous terrain.

Kriss Kyle

Kriss Kyle is one of the most exciting bike riders on the planet right now, whose videos are watched by millions and who rides his own signature line of BMXs from BSD. We're stoked to be hooking up with our fellow Scot for his new MTB projects, where he'll be bringing BMX steez to the mountain, as well as providing him with our protection and helmets for all of his riding.

Kriss' latest video