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Danny MacAskill

Mountain & Trials

Danny MacAskill’s films may have been watched online by tens of millions of people, but he is the very last person to behave like a superstar. Instead, Danny will rock up unannounced at our headquarters with nothing on his agenda more pressing than a brew and a chinwag.

When he makes last-minute kit requests for “minor” projects like Wee Day Out and a ride to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro, we’re happy to help. “I prefer to operate as friends,” Danny told us when we joined him for a brew in Glasgow.

Endura and the street trials star share a proud Scottish heritage and strong mountain biking roots. It is a powerful, self-confident partnership but also great for Scotland and reinforces this wee country’s position as a hub of biking excellence. Welcome to the clan, Danny.

Danny's Story

Lucy Charles


Lucy Charles has lit up the triathlon world with a series of incendiary performances in 2017 that have shown the 24-year-old former swimmer deserves to be considered among the very best in her sport.

With victories in Ironman Lanzarote, The Championship (Samorin) and Challenge events in Lisbon and Prague, Charles is a fine addition to our roster of world class triathletes. A small army of supporters on social media are testament to her growing popularity.

Denise Schindler


Denise Schindler embodies the spirit of triumph over adversity. Despite losing her right leg below the knee in a childhood accident with a tram, she has won para-cycling world titles and Paralympic medals on road and track.

To clothe so inspirational an athlete is a privilege. Denise wears our flagship Women’s Pro SL collection for training, and for racing wears a custom WT outfit for road events and Encapsulator suit for time-trials and track competition.

Denise's Story

Tim Don


Tim Don’s record-breaking achievement in recording the fastest time ever in an Ironman-sanctioned event proves unequivocally that Endura’s QDC clothing is the fastest available to triathletes.

His winning time of 7:40:23 at Ironman South America may have been blisteringly fast, but it’s worth remembering also that Tim is one of three Endura triathletes to have broken the mythical eight-hour barrier for an ultra-distance event, and that none had done so in clothing from another brand.

Tim's Story

Lupato Brothers

Mountain & Trials

The Enduro racing Lupato Brothers, Denny and Alex, are instantly recognised by their enormous beards and ferocious riding skills. They have lit up the Italian Enduro scene, following a family tradition established by their father, who built many of the trails surrounding near their home village of Cogglia, Italy.

The Lupatos are welcome additions to our roster of mountain bikers, headed by trials riding YouTube phenomenon Danny MacAskill and including UK freeride legend Chris Smith.

The Lupato Brothers's Story

Rachel Joyce


Rachel Joyce’s almost immediate return to the winner’s circle, six-and-a-half months after giving birth to baby Archie, would not surprise those who know her. Joyce raced five times in the first four months of her comeback, winning Iroman Mount Tremblant, as well as Colorado.

Her determination exceeds any normal measure. Joyce is one of a handful of women to record a sub-nine hour time for an ultra-distance triathlon – another formidable benchmark for Endura’s QDC clothing.

Joe Skipper


Joe Skipper is one of the most talented British triathletes on the circuit and is tipped for big things in long course racing. In September 2017, Skipper claimed the biggest result of his career at the CHALLENGE ALMERE-AMSTERDAM where he was crowned European Long Distance Triathlon champion.

Nils Frommhold


Nils Frommhold is determined to solve “the Kona puzzle”. By racing in Endura’s QDC clothing, Frommhold has taken a significant step towards his goal. His sub eight-hour winning time at the 2015 Challenge Roth is one of a handful for ultra-distance events.

Returning against medical advice from a career-threatening injury, Frommhold won the 2012 Ironman Arizona in his first attempt at the full distance. Modest and likeable, Frommhold embodies Endura’s commitment to success with integrity.

Harald Philipp


Harald Philipp is an Alpinist and mountain biker who has embraced the philosophy of ‘flow’ for his astonishing riding exploits. The soaring peaks that surround Innsbruck are his home trails, and he is at home riding on exposed ledges, several thousand feet above sea level.

Author, adventurer and public speaker, Philipp is an intelligent, creative rider who relies on Endura’s MT500 Helmet with Koroyd core to reduce the risks of riding in such precipitous terrain.