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All Tribes.One Clan.

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Graeme Obree’s Banned by the UCI


As our Surface Silicone Topography joins the long list of innovative products to be outlawed by cycling's governing body, we asked Graeme Obree, Endura's Disruptor in Chief, to take a look at some of the other designs to have fallen foul of the UCI's whims.

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Kriss Kyle


It's a biggee - we're hooking up with the hottest British BMX talent, Scotland’s very own Kriss Kyle, arguably one of the world's most exciting riders right now. Kriss will be rocking Endura helmets and protection for all his riding. But in a new development for the young Scot, he embarks on a new series of MTB projects where he brings BMX to the mountain and will be riding specially radically designed Endura apparel in his new video.

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All Tribes - One Planet

Producing products in a way that has minimal impact on the planet and the future for generations to come is incredibly important for Endura and our parent company Pentland Brands. We have made a number of significant steps in the right direction but we recognise the need to do more and faster. We also believe strongly in the ‘substance of sustainability’ and will not make a PR story out of an ‘eco gimmick’. Endura is committed to honestly reducing our global environmental footprint throughout the chain from source to end-of-life solutions. Here are some of the steps so far….

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Endura - 25 Years of Speed


Creative sessions with Graeme Obree and high-performance partnerships with Movistar Team and Drag2Zero are only the latest developments in Endura's 25 years of speed. The future is bright for the mavericks of Livingston.

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The Protection Project

Tape 01: Danny MacAskill

Protection. It’s in our DNA. Endura now protect Danny MacAskill when he’s riding at the bleeding edge of possibility. The MT500 Helmet is built around a Koroyd core for a step change in helmet safety in an award winning package. The new MT500 Lite Knee Pads use an LP1 insert, the most advanced, breathable protection made by D3O. Endura and Danny share a proud Scottish heritage and strong mountain biking roots. It is a powerful, self-confident partnership but also great for Scotland and reinforces this wee country’s position as a hub of biking excellence.

Danny's Favourites The MT500 Helmet

Choose Life. Choose Bike.


Worn down by your daily commute by car or on public transport? Why not embrace riding to work by bike? In big metropolises around the world, millions of commuters are stuck in heavy traffic every day. However, tomorrow could be different: around 80.000 Londoners already choose to beat the rush by taking their bike. They choose to be faster, fitter, smarter, and healthier - and you can, too!

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The Stolen Hour

Mountain Fresh Utility

Sometimes a ‘stolen’ ride is the best ride. The no-time-to-change, ride-in-what-you’re-wearing kind of ride. Endura’s expanded Hummvee collection is filled with casual but technical garments that outperform street fashion, leaving you ready to ride at a moment’s notice.

Our Hummvee Collection has been around for nearly two decades and - with winter drawing closer - it's time to grab a ride whenever you can. The rugged Hummvee range has you covered.

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Innovation Rewarded

MT500 Full Face Helmet picks up ISPO's Outstanding Outdoor Award

Our amazing new MT500 Full Face Helmet picks up it's first award as a Gold Winner in ISPO's Outstanding Outdoor Awards. Class leading weight and ventilation is made possible by deploying Koroyd's advanced energy absorber with the required impact protection to meet DH standards. The MT500 Full Face Helmets hits Endura dealers in mid-July.

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