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Winter riding

Proving Grounds

Reed Boggs and Johny Salido are two of the most progressive riders on the freeride scene, known for busting burly moves on big features at freeride events worldwide. This September saw them take a road trip from Utah up to Oregon to hit Proving Grounds and we sent filmmaker Jasper Wesselman along for the ride to create Road to Proving Grounds.



Richmond Cycling Corps took their racers to Snowshoe West Virginia for a team training camp to prepare the Legacy Cycling racers for the upcoming race season. The team normally rides and competes on cross-country trails, taking them out of their element and into a new downhill discipline. From rock drops, roots, berms, and wall rides the trip brought the team closer together and helped build their confidence for the season that lays ahead.

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New: Endura Pro SL Waterproof Shell Jacket

With the new Pro SL Waterproof Shell Jacket you're ready to battle the elements and enjoy your ride no matter what autumn throws at you. It's super-light and and packs into a nice little pocket-friendly package, so you might as well take one on every ride, just in case things turn wet and ugly.

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Endura Helmets: Engineered for brains, by brains, transcript available

Endura Helmets: Engineered for brains, by brains

Heads. Quite important things really. Without them we wouldn’t even be around. We certainly value them, which is why we not only apply all of our own engineering knowledge to them, but we also bring in key expert partners to make our helmets some of the very best out there. For 99.9% of the time, they just need to look great, be comfortable and offer great ventilation. For the other 0.01% of the time, the helmet needs to provide the best possible protection it can and here we offer up the triple whammy combo of Endura x Mips x Koroyd to really put our money where our mouth is in terms of rider safety.

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Custom Lines - The only limit is your imagination.

As every rider knows, finding the right line can mean the difference between achieving spiritual nirvana and picking mucky gravel out of a freshly deskinned elbow. Finding that perfect bespoke line becomes something of an obsession, trying new and ever more creative ways to approach and perfect.

At Endura, we make clothing, protection and apparel that helps riders find their own custom lines – the custom lines on the trails, parks, paths and roads and the custom clothing lines we create for athletes, individuals, clubs, colleges and corporates. Watch Gee Atherton, Jim Monroe, and Johny Salido find their own custom lines while clad in Endura custom kit in our latest video.

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Endura have just planted 1 Million Trees and will be CO2 Negative by 2024. Find out more about our sustainability stories.