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MTR Shell Jacket

pinkbike.com MTR Shell Review
"There is a huge choice of waterproof jackets, but the Endura strikes a good balance. I like that it's really lightweight and minimalist in design, fits well and is comfortable. It works brilliantly in bad weather with impressive breathability, and all that at a price that really won't break the bank"

Pro SL PrimaLoft® Gilet

Cycling Plus - Pro SL PrimaLoft Gilet Review
Score: 4/5
"A packable core-warmer that integrates with Endura’s Pro SL Shell. It’s PrimaLoft Gold insulation guarantees constant heat, while a tall collar, stretch sides and elasticated hem ensure a snug fit. All-round windproofing means it works as an outer garment too, with one zipped and two angled, open rear pockets, plus reflective elements. The rear panels are interspersed with laser cut holes for ventilation."

FS260-Pro Slick Toe Cover

Cycling Plus - Slick Toe Cover Review
Score: 4/5
"They fend off water, but have no insulating backing, making them ideal for fast rides."

Pro SL Biblong (medium-pad)

Triathlon Plus - Minitest Winner
Score: 5/5
"Clever tailoring has made the entire front of these right from one piece of fleecy, windproof fabric, while more breathable material is used on the back of the knees and hamstrings to help temperature regulation."

Pro SL Shell Jacket

Triathlon Plus - Peak Performer in Test
Score: 4.5/5
"it’s one of the most weatherproof training jackets we’ve ever worn."

Transrib High Neck

MountainBIKER Transrib high Neck Baselayer Reviw
"El control de la sudoración está más que asegurado en esta camiseta Transrib...Asimismo, además de una óptima transpiración, lo que nos mantendrá secos, esta camiseta ofrece un notable aislamiento para combater las bajas temperaturas. "

MT500 Spray Baggy Short

MBUK - MT500 Spray Baggy Short Value Award
Score: 4/5
"We were impressed by their all-day comfort and build quality, especially considering the price."

MT500 Waterproof Trouser II

Trekkingbike - MT500 Waterproof Trouser Review
Score: Sehr Gut

"Sehr gut: Dank gelungenem Schnitt und gutter Bundverstellung sitzt die MT500 komfortabel und bleibt auch beim Treten in Position."

MT500 Spray Trouser

What MountainBike – MT500 Spray Trouser Test Win
Score: 4/5
"With a soft-shell construction and extra waterproofing at the back, the MT500 is a top-notch winter trouser, offering decent levels of warmth and weather protection."

Pro SL Thermal Windproof Jacket

RoadBIKE – Pro SL Thermal Windproof Jacket Review

"Die Pro SL Thermojacke überzeugt von Herbst bis ins Frühjahr als bequemer Überzieher. Eine vieleitige Jacke für kühle bis kalte Tage gedällig? Die Pro SL Thermojacke von Endura wäre da ein heißer Tipp – und das ist wörtlich zu nehmen, funktioniert sie doch in einem recht weiten Temperaturbereich: mit dünnem Unterhemd drunter ab etwa 14 Grad abwärts, mit einem warmen langärmligen Baselayer, ja nach Kälteempfinden, bis Richtung Gefrierpunkt."