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Pro SL Helmet
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Pro SL Helmet

Bringing Koroyd protection to the road rider. Low weight, exceptional ventilation and industry-leading safety.

RRP £149.99

RRP £149.99

RRP £149.99

RRP £149.99

E1512WH / White White
E1512RB / Rainbow Rainbow
E1512BV / Hi-Viz Blue Hi-Viz Blue
E1512BK / Black Black
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The Pro SL helmet builds on the success of our award-winning, flagship MT500, bringing the enhanced protection of a full Koroyd core to the road rider. Low weight, exceptional ventilation, a host of novel features and stunning looks come together in this premium road helmet.


Integrated into the core design of the Pro SL Cycle Helmet, Koroyd's engineered tubes absorb energy in a more linear fashion than traditional mountain bike helmets. In the event of impact, the Koroyd tubes crush homogenously, absorbing g-force created by the rider’s momentum and lowering the chance of injury.


The Pro SL meets the Koroyd Safety Initiative which sets voluntary lower limits to outperform standard helmet safety requirements. The KSI limits for maximum deceleration and HIC significantly reduce the correlated risk of severe head injuries in real life accidents. Looking at peak g values the KSI limit of 183g reduces the risk of fatal skull fracture to less than 5% from a suprsingly high 40% at the levels required to meet CE certification.


The Koroyd core also allows a more open structure to promote airflow, while the tubes of Koroyd structure within the vents maintain a linear flow of air to maximise breathability, cooling and comfort.


If you’re unfortunate enough to be involved in an accident that causes damage to your Endura helmet, our Helmet Crash Replacement Scheme will reduce the cost of replacing your helmet with the same model or nearest model.

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Circumference (inches) 20-22" 21.5-23.5" 23-25"
Circumference (cm) 51-56cm 55-59cm 58-63cm
  • Super lightweight design (M/L 238g)
  • Integrated Koroyd® core for improved impact absorption without weight penalty
  • Large vents with angled Koroyd® tubes for increased airflow
  • Meets the Koroyd Safety Initiative (KSI), significantly reducing risk of skull fracture beyond required standards
  • Front eyewear dock
  • One-hand micro-adjustment fit system
  • Antibacterial fast wicking spacer fabric padding
  • Covered by Endura's Crash Replacement Policy and Endura Product Guarantee
  • Certified to CE Standard EN1078 + A1 02/2013
  • 90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee
Koroyd® Head Protection
Construction: n/a 100%
Product Code: E1512 | Size Options: S-M, M-L, L-XL | Made in China
Cycling Plus – Pro SL Helmet Review

Cycling Plus – Pro SL Helmet Review

"...it’s still very light, in part due to its use of Koroyd’s engineered tube structure for impressive crash protection and ventilation."

Score: 4 / 5

RoadBIKE – Pro SL Helmet Review

RoadBIKE – Pro SL Helmet Review

„Der Endura Pro SL sitzt bequem, ist gut belüftet und shnell anzupassen. Trotz geringem Gewicht fühlt er sich solide an und vermittelt viel Sicherheit – genau das schätze ich an einem Helm.“